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As of this blog, ANF is general availability, however, it is not available in the Azure Portal to all users. There is a waitlist to get whitelisted for provisioning, but if you would like that expedited, please contact me and I will get you provisioned.

What is Azure NetApp Files?

Microsoft Azure and NetApp have partnered to bring a first class NAS environment to Azure but utilizing NetApp’s ONTAP as a backed storage service.

Azure NetApp Files, henceforth referred to as ANF provides a resilient and performant NFS or CIFS environment for general file share, HPC, or Database environment. ANF also provides Ransomware protection via Snapshots. ANF is not available in every region but it is available in at least one region in most geographies.

ANF is a 1st-party service. This means that it is provided by Microsoft Azure. There is no NetApp Account team, no reseller (unless you are buying Azure through a reseller) and all ANF usage is billed directly from Azure.

How can I use ANF?

ANF is provisioned and administered directly in the Azure Portal, however, it is not available there until you have been whitelisted. There is a Waitlist for getting your ANF consumption approved and enabled.

How am I charged for ANF?

Getting whitelisted for ANF does not obligate you to buy ANF and if you decide to remove ANF from your Azure environment, you are no longer charged. It is truly subscription and consumption based like any other Azure service.

The base unit of ANF consumption is a Capacity Pool. Capacity Pools are minimum 4TiB and maximum 100TiB. You can provision more than one Capacity Pool. Upon creating you first Capacity Pool, you will be charged an hourly rate for the consumption of that Pool. The Capacity Pool will autogrow if you exceed it’s capacity. There are different performance levels available for a Capacity Pool and each of these are billed at different rates. Keep your eye out for a more in-depth page on the technical details of the different logical constructs within ANF and how they are used.

How does ANF compare to CVO?

Cloud Volumes Ontap (the software previously known as ONTAP Cloud) is a virtual machine deployed into your cloud environment. The virtual machine runs ONTAP and is able to provide all features and functionality of an ONTAP hardware appliance (other than Fiber Channel). CVO can run stand-alone or as an HA pair spanning Availability Zones. There is some flexibility with CVO, particularly if you want to use it for test/dev or as an ONTAP replication target.

Today ANF is a secure multi-tenant hardware appliance sitting adjacent to Azure. Because of this, it has substantial performance advantages over CVO. Because it is G1 as a 1st-party service, not every ONTAP feature is currently available for ANF.

In short, use CVO for all things ONTAP and use ANF for all things performance whether it be an clustered HPC environment or an Oracle Database.

Basic ANF pricing at MSRP
Note: I can provide better pricing if you contact me

Pricing details

Price (West US 2)
Standard Storage$0.000202/GiB/hour
Premium Storage$0.000403/GiB/hour
Ultra Storage$0.000538/GiB/hour

Getting Started

Microsoft Azure NetApp Files Waitlist Request
Note: I can get you provisioned quicker than the Waitlist

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