Adventures in Consulting

It’s been about 6 months since I started my position at Bridge Data Solutions. While working for a tech manufacturer was fun and had its merits, I am consultant at heart. Even though I worked someplace where I was able to be passionate about and confident in the products we sold, it did get old working to fit the same product into every situation while also not having anything to add to some of the more interesting projects.

At Bridge Data, I am working in a sales capacity but I am also my own Solutions Architect, my own Systems Engineer, and I am often even my own Install Tech. The different hats I’ve worn over the years have given me a broad skill set and its really nice to be able to work with a customer on every aspect of their projects. I think it brings a comprehensive continuity that leads to the best outcomes.

Recently, I have been asked to head up Bridge Data’s Cloud, Security, and Automation practice. There is a synergy between these things and the three of them are going to be fundamental to Information Technology in the coming years more than they ever have before.

In response, we are bringing a comprehensive list of new offerings that will enable customers to reach equilibrium in the Hybrid Cloud Data Center, leverage multiple service providers, and reduce toil. All while wrapping this up in securities and policy based controls. We are also offering a Cloud Portal which will allow consumption of Cloud services while provide billing and usable insight across every Data Center or Cloud Endpoint in your environment.

I am excited to be a part of this and really looking forward to helping my customers with the old challenges as well as the new.

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